Rules and Safety

Signing In

When swimmers arrive at the pool, could they please make sure that they sign in at the desk, this is in case the pool has to be evacuated so that we know who is here.


For safety reasons and to comply with Prudhoe Waterworld regulations, no jewellery is to be worn in the pool. This includes earrings, watches, necklaces etc.


Once again we would like to emphasise that ALL belongings must be put into lockers and not left in cubicles, this is not only to keep cubicles free so that others can use them but to keep your belongings safe.

Hats, Goggles and Costumes

We would also like to emphasise that all swimmers MUST wear hats, goggles and proper swimming wear, this excludes bikinis and loose swimming shorts due to being a swimming club and not a fashion show! Anyone who forgets hats and goggles please ask at the desk for spare items.

General Safety

Can we remind all swimmers that they MUST NOT enter the pool until instructed and to keep well back from the edges.

It is important that swimmers do not eat within one hour of a Dolphins session to avoid stomach cramps.